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A day in the life of a gas engineer......

a basic basic install

My services Posted on Sun, November 07, 2010 23:10:33

ok, very basic install, client did a lot of the pipework (hence its not straight) but it did end up saving him a lot of money. obviously i did the gas pipe, boiler, flue etc. consider it people – even if you cant pipe your own rads – lift the boards for me, move the carpet and furniture…… it saves you money!


Dangerous stuff Posted on Sun, November 07, 2010 23:02:39

oh dear ………………………. this clogged up while full of about 100 duck carcasses. had to unload with a shovel before i could repair……. smiley

Can this be fixed?

Technical Posted on Sun, November 07, 2010 22:51:46

I realy want to try getting this running. I figure its 1920’s, but its not the oldest ive seen, the oldest was runnung tho, its not underwater its underground and cobwebs. i figure it has to be oil (lpg is no go as its underground) it still holds water so its possible….. i wont get paid to fix it, but ……