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A day in the life of a gas engineer......

burst pipes and more burst pipes..

Technical Posted on Sun, February 27, 2011 21:59:10

i have had more burst pipes this year than i have had for the last 6 years…… even a burst water meter!

Bats in the burners…..

Comments Posted on Sun, February 27, 2011 21:38:59

On servicing a semi commercial oil burner I was amazed to find a dead baby bat in the fan. I was doubly amazed to find ANOTHER dead bat in the other identical burner. obviously they were a bit dried out, but what on earth makes a bat climb into the burner? i dont think it came in through the flue, as to get to the fan it would have to get through the heat exchanger baffles, then through the blast tube, then through into the fan….. my bet is they climbed in from the floor……..


Burst pipe – Jumbo size!

Dangerous stuff Posted on Sun, February 27, 2011 21:30:13

ok, so on arrival, i see this.

no problem you think…… 10,000 sq ft wharehouse……….

as i got close, i realised there was a deep base rumble coming from the unit, water pouring out of the vents half way up the building…………

I forced the door open and walked into what felt like a set from predator. the entire 10,00 sqft of wharehouse was 6 – 8 inches deep in water, every single thing that could float, was floating, it was pitch black save for random sparks were coming from one room, ……. and water was pouring down from everywhere. the sound was indescribable. A mind numbing crashing roar, that went on and on.

I had a look for an external stopcock, found it, it was rusted solid, and very very big.

I went back in, and frankly it was a bit scary…… my torch wouldnt reach to the end of the warehouse, and stuff kept bumping into me as it floated by……..

As water was running from above, i decided to investigate the upper mezanine……. heres what the stairs looked like …. sorry about the picture quality – bit ‘blair witch’!

(picture is on its side)

Anyway, there was an absolute waterfall from the mezzanine, from under the door. i shone my torch throught the window, and could see nothing. a judicious shoulder to the door produced no response. thinking thbe door had swelled i pushed my crowbar into the gap and levered the door open…………….


the water poured out to a level of about 3 foot, filling my wellies instantly, and washing me across the stairs and into the handrail…. the room was full to about 3 foot…… 12 by 20 room……

consider …… 10,000 square foot wharehouse, 6 inches deep………… big water bill……

by this point i realised ‘fixing the leak’ was not the first priority…..

on investigating i found the stopcock. as you can see i now realised why the flow was so high….. 50mm thin wall copper incomming main……. WOW!

Needless to say, is was very stiff! You can just see the water level…….

Long story short

I switched it off, and it took 24 hours to empty the room above, 3 weeks to stop leaking out from the walls……. 2 months and its still not dry!