just fitted this, got it flat packed from B&Q….. bit tricky to get it up the stairs but I managed……. No, in all seriousness, this is a slate water tank, about a century old, still in use. Think about it – we have all seen the simpsons episode where they dont let the baby drink out of plastic containers… (it gets into the food or something), and have you ever tasted coke from a glass bottle? (Mmmm) Water tanks are plastic… often not great quality plastic either. This thing is never going to leach toxins into the water. This little treasure will last another 100 years, barring an earthquake, or the joists rotting underneath it, Also, its 100% natural, 100% recyclable… carbon neutral……… wonderful. As i have always said, better to make it to last, than to make 10!

If you would like one in your house, you cant have one, B&Q dont stock this model anymore.

(if anyone from B&Q is reading this, dont take offence, your my favorite DIY superstore, as multiple references on this site will show………….)

ps . As ive got you here now, (Mr B&Q) please can I have a better credit limit on my trade card?